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Brief overview of common classes

Below is given a brief description of common classes from EMM. To learn more about these classes, visit their respective guides.


Defines a modifier, has access to virtually any hook for items that can be used to affect the item. (this goes into effect when an item has that modifier on it)


Effects live on the player, and they allow running code in ModPlayer hooks coming from a modifier. There is an auto delegation system behind the scenes that makes this possible.


So a pool is what modifiers are drawn from when an item rolls it’s modifiers. Just consider it a collection of modifiers, because that’s all it is. On the item itself, all modifiers are also stored as a ModifierPool


The combined strength of modifiers on an item form a numeric value that can be matched with a rarity, which can affect the item’s name, change color etc. If you understand these bits, you understand most core stuff of the mod besides a lot of back-end stuff making stuff possible